We use recycled paper to make furniture!

an idea that is beneficial for both the environment and human health.

In order to produce cheap furniture, the world’s forests are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. The tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and South America are precious assets of earth’s ecology, and their destruction harms local ecosystems, further affecting the global climate.

Our technology enables the creation of furniture products from recycled paper. Not only are these pieces made from recycled materials, but they can also reenter the recycling system after several years of use and be remade into recycled paper. This circulatory system makes furniture a sustainable product. Our recycled panels are named ‘GBoard’.

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99% of GBoard paper furniture is made from recycled paper materials, with 100% of the materials being recyclable for reuse, transforming furniture into a recyclable commodity.

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The GBoard panels are glued using water-based adhesive, completely free of formaldehyde and organic compounds, in compliance with the Japanese F**** standard to keep users away from the risk of cancer.

Easy to assemble

GBoard uses 3M industrial double-sided tape for assembly, requiring only peeling and sticking to complete. The assembly process is extremely intuitive and fast.


GBoard furniture weighs approximately 40-60% less than wooden furniture, making it easy to move and transport. It is also suitable for use in areas prone to earthquakes.


Cube Seires
Contemporary Shelf Series
Wall Shelf Series


Our own factory can provide you with customized GBoard services. You can provide us with designs and discuss with our professional staff to integrate GBoard into your product.


GBoard also offers private label manufacturing services. You can select and order suitable products directly from our catalog, and we can ship them packaged with your branding.


We also welcome direct procurement of products packaged with our brand, Korrugate. We will provide photo materials and complete instruction manual design services.

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